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Oil and gas reservoirs are becoming increasingly hard to find and much more difficult to produce as the world’s need for more oil and gas increases – Old adage “More from Less”.

United East Reservoir Services (UERS) is a new company providing the oil and gas industry with the knowledge, experience and resources making reservoir surveillance and characterization techniques a reality.  Unlike traditional oil and gas exploration and development tools, enhanced monitoring techniques are specifically designed for each particular reservoir requiring custom systems and custom operations optimally suited to the knowledge and experience base of our company.

Historically, new technologies and techniques in the oilfield like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have lead the way to enhanced production optimization from known reserves.  The fact still remains these reservoirs are inhomogeneous or compartmentalized and how to produce them efficiently makes reservoir management important and essential.

We have assembled a team of industry professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge enabling UERS to provide project planning, project consulting and all aspects of personal and equipment resources for high performance data acquisition operations which include 2D and 3D borehole and high resolution surface seismic surveys.

Our conventional services include data acquisition of all conventional borehole seismic surveys, high resolution 2D/3D surface seismic, simultaneous borehole/surface seismic and borehole/surface microseismic data acquisition.  We utilize large-scale fiber optic augmented downhole geophone arrays for borehole data acquisition and the industry’s latest nodal systems for surface seismic data acquisition.

Along with our conventional services, United East Reservoir Services is focused on providing the state-of-the-art, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)/Distributive Temperature Sensing (DTS) fiber optic data acquisition technology. For the past number of years, the principle management of UERS has provided project management and operations for “proof-testing” and commercializing the new DAS technology hence the group’s vast amount of experience in understanding and managing efficient DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) data acquisition. 

Unique to UERS is its ability to provide DAS/DTS recording with Retrievable Wireline, a proven technique which can be installed for short-term, repeat time-lapse or cost-effective long-term deployments like microseismic.  This technique allows the recording of DAS or DTS in existing wells in old fields without permanently installed fibers and placed in areas of the reservoir having production problems requiring further reservoir evaluation, investigation, monitoring or long-term/time-lapse surveillance. – Place it where you need it! 

United East Reservoir Services is dedicated to basic values of acquiring the highest quality data in the field and delivering processor-ready data to our client.  Operationally, UERS has the knowledge and experience with new technologies for delivering custom reservoir survey like borehole seismic and DAS data acquisition where enhanced quality assurance is essential and attention to detail critical to the ultimate success of these projects.

Our company understands data acquisition production efficiency since in-well time is directly proportional to lost oil and gas production.  UERS has the expertise to manage all aspects of the operation including planning the job, configuring the equipment and crew, organizing the logistics, supervising the operation, data recording, data quality control and delivering timely “process-ready” data to processing and analysis.

UERS maintains a fully industry compliant HSE program setting the highest standards of safety in all our operations.  UERS also understands the importance “preventative maintenance practices and training” for our people yielding the highest standards in the field all the time – no exceptions!